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… And if Brewster Kahle’s plan comes to fruition, Iceland may also be the first nation in the world to have its entire cultural library digitized and put online.

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Algeria launches Maghreb Digital Library

via http://www.magharebia.com

Algeria launched the Maghreb Digital Library on Sunday (January 23rd) in an effort to expand access to information. The initiative was part of a joint endeavour between the Algerian Ministry of Higher Education and US-based NGO Civilian Research & Development Foundation (CRDF).

More on the story here.

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I just finished reading today’s article from The Atlantic Why We Can’t Afford Not to Create a Well-Stocked National Digital Library System which highlights 9 reasons why the United States needs to jump out to DL bandwagon. Don’t worry — the article doesn’t advocate for abandoning traditional print collections, but rather for expanding and evolving the already existent reading practices.

The article goes on to discuss digital library set-ups around the world:

Europeans countries like France are–at least in terms of politicians’ rhetoric–closer than we are. There is even a Euro digital library portal. China has already amassed a huge digital collection, with six million books scanned as of 2006. A Wikipedia page lists dozens of government and nongovernment digital library projects, ranging from Project Gutenberg, probably the first, to the New Zealand Text Center.

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