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Anti-Ukrainian book burning in Crimea (unian.net & kyivscoop.blogspot.com)

Kyiv Scoop blogger Steve Bandera published an interesting story last week about Anti-Ukrainian book burning in Crimea. The protests are in response to what Russian nationalists say are “distortions of the past by the administration of former President Viktor Yushchenko.” (VOANews)  Many of the books were Ukrainian history textbooks.

More Links:

Book Burning in Ukraine Stokes Controversy About History: http://bit.ly/cq3mm7

Crimea book burning: http://unian.net/ukr/news/news-367439.html (Ukrainian)


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Galileo Galileis

Galileo Galileis observation of Jupiter's moons, 1610

Taking a cue from countries worldwide (see France), the Italian government has made an agreement to digitize about one million ancient manuscripts from two national libraries of Rome and Florence. This will give scholars world-wide access to the writings of such scholars as Machiavelli, Dante, and Galileo. Hopefully this will patch things up from last year’s controversy when Google mistakenly attributed the wrong date for the Galileo telescope creation.

Also, opinion pieces from the Global Network Initiative on Reflecting on Google in Italy (and beyond) and the Christian Science Monitor on Why Google’s deal with Italy is a good thing for readers.

See more:
Google “alleato” del Ministero per i beni culturali: nuove opere italiane per le biblioteche virtuali (NewNotizie)
Google to digitise ancient Italian books (LIBER)
Google to digitise ancient Italian books (BBC)
Google to scan books in Italy’s libraries (CBC News)

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A new partnership between researchers and librarian will provide opportunity for library and information science professionals to develop and refine their skills, knowledge and confidence in conducting research. The Partnership is sponsored by the Library Theory and Research Section of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA).

Research skill and knowledge are the essential tool kit for ensuring that libraries and librarians continue to effectively and efficiently meet the evolving needs of the clients and communities they serve.

Up to six recipients will be selected to take part in the Partnership in 2010. The successful recipients will be matched with a mentor who has experience in conducting research.

Link to the announcement.

Nominations will be considered by a Selection Committee and recommendations made to the Library Theory and Research Standing Committee. Nominations close on 3 May 2010. Download the application form here.

Applications should be submitted via email to the LTR Selection Committee Chair, Helen Partridge at h.partridge@qut.edu.au

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Chile TerremotoNews of the Earthquake damage in Chile from the IFLA listserv:

Through our Chilean listserver have been circulate information. Let me let you know: Museo de Talca “is in so bad situation”, Museo de la Araucanía “should move to another place”, Biblioteca del Maule and Biblioteca Severin in Valparaíso are “with so damage”, Biblioteca de Tirúa at the south “desapaired with the waves impact” and, about Biblioteca Nacional and Archivo Nacional, like Nivia Palma said, are “probably with structural damage”
Well, please could you please circulate this information. Warm regards from Chile, Claudia

The Biblioteca Nacional Chile and 2010 Blue Shield Solidarity facebook page can be accessed here: http://bit.ly/ctQyqH More news of Chilean system libraries online: http://twitter.com/SistemasBN/dibam

The  Public Library of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (@BibPublicaUNLP) has published some images of the earthquakes destruction at their library: Terremoto en Chile. Imagenes de una biblioteca”. http://bit.ly/ak41py

Ongoing list of public libraries offering free internet (Bibliotecas Públicas en zonas afectadas por el terremoto con servicio de acceso Gratuito a internet de BiblioRedes) via @cadaunante: http://bit.ly/b0ynNI

Also, a podcast from LIS News on post-earthquake Chile advises librarians to hold off on donating materials: “Donations of books for rebuilding collections is not a good idea at the moment.”

Download audio file 5:17 minutes (7.25 MB) by Michael J. Kellat

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"CHILE IS INSIDE IN THE SAD" by CaromicForever via Flickr

Blue Shield opened a new space on Facebook for international solidarity with the earthquake in Chile

Escudo Azul abre un nuevo espacio en Facebook para la solidaridad internacional con el terremoto de Chile
Blue Shield a ouvert un nouvel espace sur Facebook pour la solidarité internationale avec le tremblement de terre au Chili
Blue Shield eröffnet einen neuen Platz auf Facebook für die internationale Solidarität mit dem Erdbeben in Chile

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Biblioteca de San Javier on Twitpic: Posted on March 2, 2010 by Danyleo

While the devastation in Chile continues to be revealed, Chilean Web Project Manager and former librarian Enzo Abbagliati (on twitter: @cadaunante) in Santiago, reports that the Library of James and the National Library of Chile remain closed until structural damage assessment is finished and that the Library of Santiago will not open until 9 March.

More notably — Abbagliati reports that many libraries are stepping up to the plate by providing free internet access and wifi to the Chilean people, bringing people together under one roof who might not have congregated otherwise:

@cadaunante: Biblioteca Pública de San Carlos (Maipú 743) entregando acceso gratis a Internet #terremotochile (el pueblo de @miguelpaz)
@cadaunante : Biblioteca Pública N°262 de Curicó operando y con acceso gratis a Internet (Manso de Velasco 744) #terremotochile
@cadaunante: Biblioteca Pública de Colbún (Adolfo Novoa 220) está entregando acceso gratis a Internet #terremotochile Favor RT
@cadaunante: Biblioteca Pública de Panimávida (Av. Rari s/n) está entregando acceso gratis a Internet #terremotochile Favor RT
@cadaunante: Biblioteca Pública de Papudo (Plaza de Armas) dando acceso gratuito a Internet #terremotochile Favor RT

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